The Automotive Aftermarket

All Tune and Lube Franchise

More than $200 billion in annual sales are projected for the automotive services and parts industry for the year 2008. These annual projections are expected to increase based on:

  • The average motorist is no longer capable of servicing today’s highly complex vehicles; and everyone fights the problem of to many things to do and not enough time to do them;
  • With the disappearance of traditional automotive repair facilities, consumers are in search of a “one stop”, high quality, convenient car center to maintain their entire vehicle;
  • American motorists purchased over 120 million dollars in engine performance and brake services this past year. In contrast, neighborhood service stations are disappearing in favor of self-service, “Gas and Go Food Marts”, creating an ever-increasing demand for preventative maintenance, brake, and engine performance services.

With only 32% of all preventative maintenance and engine performance services provided by service stations and new car dealerships, there is over 68% of the market share in search of a high-quality, one-stop total car care center such as All Tune and Lube.

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